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What is PRYZM?

Pryzm is a Layer 1 blockchain that specializes in yield. It allows users to customize their exposure by breaking tokens down into their core elements to allow users to optimise their exposure to yield, price, and governance. Pryzm offers a variety of DeFi tools to optimise users’ ability to participate and profit with these primitives, such as:

  • Yield tokenization: Turn your future yield into a tradable token
  • Fixed Yields & Discount Tokens: Lock in fixed yields & buy your favourite tokens at a discount
  • Liquid governance: Access and trade the governance power of any token from Pryzm’s chain
  • Liquid staking derivatives: Stake your tokens and get a liquid derivative in return
  • Specialized AMM: Trade tokens with low price impact and provide liquidity with high capital efficiency
  • Limit orders: Set your desired price and execute trades automatically
  • DCA & Time weighted trading tools: Swap tokens gradually to minimize price impact and smooth market volatility
  • Restaking: With only one token you can earn the native asset’s yield, swap fees, Pryzm chain revenue & Pryzm rewards

Pryzm enables yield trading for any asset from any chain, with permissionless and interoperable design. Pryzm is the one-stop platform for all your yield needs and preferences.