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Version: v0.18


The following modules are built by PRYZM:

  • icstaking: Provides interchain liquid staking for cosmos-based chains’ native tokens and minting cASSET as the LSD
  • assets: Manages the assets that can be refracted and be traded on PRYZM
  • refractor: Allows users to refract supported assets to pASSET and yASSET and merge/redeem the refracted assets
  • ystaking: Allows users to stake their yASSET and earn rewards through staked assets
  • amm: Enables the protocol to support various types of automated market makers and the ability to create, manage, and interact with these pools
  • incentives: Allows token holders to be incentivized for their participation in a part of the system
  • pgov: Allows cASSET and pASSET holders to participate in the asset's native chain governance, by mirroring the host chain's proposal on PRYZM and taking user's votes.
  • treasury: Provides API for collecting fees and setting up scheduled action on the collected fees
  • mint: Controls minting and distribution of PRYZM tokens
  • oracle: Provides a generic oracle functionality where any module can integrate oracle by providing a vote callback to this module.
  • flowtrade: Provides swapping tokens during a defined period of time.

The following modules are copied from Osmosis repository provided under this License:

  • epochs: Provides support for on-chain timers which other modules can execute code during.
  • tokenfactory: Allows minting of new tokens of the form factory/{creator address}/{subdenom} for user-defined subdenoms.

The following third party modules are integrated into PRYZM:

  • wasmd: Enables smart contracts on the chain.
  • block-sdk: Gives application the ability to fully customize blocks using application logic; and also provides processing for MEV bundled transactions.
  • alliance: Allows blockchains to trade yield with each other
  • packet-forward-middleware: An IBC middleware that enables the chain to route incoming IBC packets from a source chain to a destination chain
  • ibc-hooks: An IBC middleware that enables ICS-20 token transfers to initiate contract calls
  • ibc-rate-limiting: Prevents massive inflows or outflows of IBC tokens in a short time frame as a safety control in the event of a bug, attack, or economic failure of an external zone.