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Pryzmd CLI Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provides a quick reference guide for using the pryzmd command-line interface (CLI) tool to interact with the Pryzm network. pryzmd is a powerful tool that allows you to manage accounts, send transactions, query network information, and perform various operations on the Pryzm blockchain. Use this cheat sheet as a handy reference to navigate common commands and their usage.


To install pryzmd, follow the official Pryzm documentation specific to your operating system. Make sure you have the necessary dependencies and requirements fulfilled.

General Usage

  • View all available commands:

    pryzmd --help
  • View the help for a specific command:

    pryzmd <command> --help

Account Management

  • Create a new account:

    pryzmd keys add <account_name> --keyring-backend <keyring_backend>
  • List all accounts:

    pryzmd keys list --keyring-backend <keyring_backend>
  • Get account information:

    pryzmd keys show <account_name> --keyring-backend <keyring_backend>
  • Import an existing account from a mnemonic or a JSON file:

    pryzmd keys import <account_name> <path_to_key_file> --keyring-backend <keyring_backend>

Transaction Management

  • Send tokens from one account to another:

    pryzmd tx bank send <sender_address> <recipient_address> <amount> --from <account_name> --chain-id <chain_id> --gas auto --keyring-backend <keyring_backend> --node <node_url>
  • Delegate tokens to a validator:

    pryzmd tx staking delegate <validator_address> <amount> --from <account_name> --chain-id <chain_id> --gas auto --keyring-backend <keyring_backend> --node <node_url>
  • Undelegate tokens from a validator:

    pryzmd tx staking unbond <validator_address> <amount> --from <account_name> --chain-id <chain_id> --gas auto --keyring-backend <keyring_backend> --node <node_url>
  • Redelegate tokens from one validator to another:

    pryzmd tx staking redelegate <source_validator_address> <destination_validator_address> <amount> --from <account_name> --chain-id <chain_id> --gas auto --keyring-backend <keyring_backend> --node <node_url>

Network Query

  • Get the current blockchain status:

    pryzmd status
  • Get account balances:

    pryzmd query bank balances <account_address> --node <node_url>
  • Get the information of a specific validator:

    pryzmd query staking validator <validator_address> --chain-id <chain_id> --node <node_url>
  • Get the list of active validators:

    pryzmd query staking validators --chain-id <chain_id> --node <node_url>
  • Get the list of delegations for a specific delegator:

    pryzmd query staking delegations <delegator_address> --chain-id <chain_id> --node <node_url>
  • Get the transaction details by its hash:

    pryzmd query tx <tx_hash> --node <node_url>


  • Submit a governance proposal:

    pryzmd tx gov submit-proposal <proposal_type> <proposal_title> <proposal_description> --from <account_name> --chain-id <chain_id> --gas auto --keyring-backend <keyring_backend> --node <node_url>
  • Vote on a governance proposal:

    pryzmd tx gov vote <proposal_id> <vote_option> --from <account_name> --chain-id <chain_id> --gas auto --keyring-backend <keyring_backend> --node <node_url>
  • Query governance proposal details:

    pryzmd query gov proposal <proposal_id> --chain-id <chain_id> --node <node_url>

Advanced Options

  • Set the gas price:

    pryzmd tx --gas <gas_price>
  • Use a specific fee amount:

    pryzmd tx --fees <fee_amount>
  • Set a custom gas limit:

    pryzmd tx --gas-adjustment <gas_adjustment>
  • Set a specific gas denomination:

    pryzmd tx --gas-denom <gas_denom>

Wrapping Up

This cheat sheet covers some of the most commonly used pryzmd commands and their options. However, please note that the Pryzm network and the pryzmd tool may evolve over time, so it's essential to refer to the official Pryzm documentation for the most up-to-date information and command usage.

For more advanced functionality or specific use cases, consult the official Pryzm documentation or seek guidance from the Pryzm community resources.